"We purchased our home and had it built in the summer of 2011 from Clearmont Building LLC.  Right from the start, when we first toured the model home we fell in love.  As we went through the building process, we kept thinking “what’s the catch”?  Rita and Sal were so easy to work with, if we wanted to make some changes, they were very accommodating and would help us determine the best way to get exactly what we wanted.   Every aspect of the process went as planned, Rita and Sal walked us through each stage and helped us with everything.   Three-and-a-half years later, I still LOVE my home!   I would recommend Clearmont Building LLC to anyone looking for a new home."               - Lisa Aleccia

"I had a house built by Clearmont in the Summer and Fall of 2012.  Prior to this, I had approached several other well-known builders in the area, but was frustrated by the experience.  Everything had to be the "builder's way" -- I even had one builder state that I would have to hire my own subcontractor if I wanted things like wainscoting or crown moldings.  Another builder agreed to some minor modifications, but at an exorbitant cost that I considered unwarranted.
What impressed me with Clearmont was the flexibility they showed from the start.  As the buyer, I was made to feel that the point of the process was to build a home that met my needs, not the builder's.  If I wanted something changed -- even after the start of construction -- Clearmont did their best to make it happen.  Being able to speak directly with the owners was a huge advantage, and as busy as they often were, they always made time for me.  They even provided me with some much-appreciated direction on colors, materials, fixtures, etc.  The final result was a home that was exactly what I wanted, built with quality and attention to detail, and one that has earned rave reviews from family and friends.  And, significantly, my post-closing experience has been very positive also, as what minor warranty issues I've had were dealt with promptly.  I would highly recommend Clearmont to anyone who was considering building a new home."      

            - Alan Zawacky

"We built our house with Clearmont and couldn't be happier with the results!!! It was nice that we got to customize every aspect of the home. I don't think we would have got the opportunity to do that anywhere else. That and the fact that they use such great quality in the home truly makes it special. We visited quite a few builders prior to building with Clearmont and needless to say, none of their models even came close to what Clearmont did for us. The price + the quality of the home are something that went hand in hand for us and we will never forget that. It was awesome to see the visions I had for our home come to life & I don't think I would have got that anywhere else!!"  

           - Actavia Romaya 

"I have had two houses built by Clearmont Building and have had the pleasure of working with Rita, Sal, and Vito.  The houses they build are very unique, beautiful, and of good quality.  I have had many compliments from family and friends.  The ceiling in the great room is just beautiful and each room has a different type of ceiling which makes it very unique and special.     During the whole process of having a house built, Rita was/is very accommodating and helpful.  Rita is knowledgeable in helping with the selection of the tile, carpeting, cabinets, paint selection, granite, etc.      
I am truly grateful and blessed that Clearmont Building built my home. They are a wonderful building company to work with."  

               - Lisa Bone 

Downsizing to most people is a necessary strategy that can alleviate a lot of the stress during retirement. We are no different, and our plan was to sell our larger home with acreage and build a smaller retirement home to spend our golden years in.We looked at several builders for this endeavor and found that Clearmont was the best choice for us. You listened to our wants and needs, then helped us decide what size home and lot was best for us.
During the process of weeding through the other builders we found that many of the items and amenities we wanted were considered "EXTRAS" and would have cost us a tremendous amount of money. When we sat with you, you explained that many extras are included in a Clearmont home that other builders just don’t do or charge an arm and a leg for. From the decorative ceilings, granite countertops, extra tall walls, premium cabinets, beautiful lighting and hardware, and not to mention the insulated, wired and dry walled basement! We did not find another builder that included all of these and more at your price and quality.
To us, the best part of this experience was how you helped us through every question and decision,
and were available at all times just like a friend, which you are now.
We are elated that we found Clearmont, and so happy with our new home and neighborhood in a
great community." 

    - Pete and Virginia Forletta

"I would like to thank Clearmont Building Company, Rita and Sal, for building us a beautiful ranch home 
in the Clearstone Sub on 26 mile in Macomb Township. Mark and I found Rita and Sal to be very honest, reliable and hardworking.  They made building our home an enjoyable experience. Rita was very helpful.  She had good decorating ideas along with many samples available to choose from. Also any changes that we requested, if possible, Rita and Sal would do 
it without any hassle. If you are looking to have an easy time building your new home, we would definitely recommend Clearmont Building Company, Rita and Sal."
     - Mark and Laura Fasseel

"This was our experience with Clearmont builders.
My husband is was suddenly very  handicapped , and we found ourselves in a situation where our home no longer worked for us and especially for him.  A friend of ours noticed a new sub going up and told us about it. I went to look at the house and was immediately interested in it.   Rita Poluzzi noted my concern about my husband and began to explain how they could help us.  There was absolutely no pressure only concern about our special needs.  I stated I would think about it and get back to her.  It did not take us long to decide and we began the process.    We had lived in our former house for more than 40 years and selling and moving seemed overwhelming. Clearmont made it  a very easy process and worked with us thru every step of the move.  They always gave us sound advice and great direction. 
Our move was complicated by the very helpful advice of the Veterens Administration.  They directed all the changes that we needed in the house and Clearmont complied and complied and complied some more.  They were wonderful with all the handicap alterations that we needed  and did everything possible to see that they were all completed in spite of a horrible winter.  Even when we were about to close on the house and realized we could not get my husband into the house with out the special lift.   Clearmont went the extra mile not only to find a company for us but to make sure it was done quickly.  My husband was so greatful for he had never even been inside the model let alone the house he just purchased. Our experience with Clearmont has been nothing less than positive from start to finish."
       - Mr. and Mrs.  Maduri